Day 2 of the Con

Dragon*Con 2oo6 has been pretty fun so far... I have about 500 pictures from the parade this morning and a few hundered more from other places around the Con. I am uploading these to a Dragon*Con 2006 set on Flickr.

I have embedded a fickr button on my website (see to the right) that shows my most recent uploads and links back to my flickr site (I got the idea from the "Web Cam Girls" discussion panel earlier tonight).

Right now I am sitting in my car loader, in the parking garage and trying to decide if I want to stay until 1:00am (actually 2:00 - 2:30am before they actually start) and see The Cruxshadows or if I should just go home and get some sleep (I am getting old...)

In the mean-time I am downlading Flickr Uploader and some warez versions of ACDSee and WinRAR (to open ACDSee) to prep today's pics for upload; warez-bb.org is my friend (warezbb.org and UseNET as well).

Today is Diana's Birthday and she met me at the Con; we walked around and I took some pics. I wanted to have her take a picture of me with the CruxShadow girls, but they were no-where to be found (they showed up later that afternoon- with some awesome outfits!). We went through the dealer room- even though she has no badge (security is wierd in the buildings this time).

...and so I sit in my car; typing in my blog and wondering if I should go to the office and pickup my eBay package (a pronto remote for $62!) and go home, or if I should hang around and wait for the concert and the ensuing photo oportunities that only occur post midnight in the ballroom area of the Marriot!

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