Windows 8 < Windows 7

I started using Windows 8 when it first came out.  Within a few weeks, I started getting BSODs with escalating frequency.  I went back to Windows 7 without a second consideration.

Eventually I assumed that my issues must have been caused by a bad driver or a failing hard drive as no-one else seems to be having these issues, right?

I replaced my CPU (upgraded from an i7-2600k to an i7-3770K), motherboard , RAM and SSD and decided to give it another try. I did a clean install of Windows 8 x64 on 2013/05/17.

I had by first two BSODs five days later on 2013/05/23.  I assumed this was the video driver as I switched from an nVida GT670 card to a pair of HD 7790s (for bitcoin mining).

It has gotten worse; I had three BSODs yesterday and four today:


I am headed back to the stability of Windows 7 until Micosoft gets this tablet-wanna-be OS running a little better…