Unofficial DragonCon 2010 Schedule -in Google cal/iCal format!

I ran across a post in a RSS feeds indicating that Fan Rants has a listing of several of the tracks for the DragonCon 2010:

Alternate History Track   (iCal)
American SF Media Track   (iCal)
Art Show Track   (iCal)
Costuming Track   (iCal)
Dark Fantasy Track   (iCal)
Electronic Frontiers Track   (iCal)
Filk Track   (iCal)
Independent Film Festival   (iCal)
MMO Track   (iCal)
Podcast Track   (iCal)
Robotics Track   (iCal)
Skeptics Track   (iCal)
Star Wars Track   (iCal)
Stargate Track   (iCal) *OFFICIAL*
Tolkien Track   (iCal)
Whedon Universe Track   (iCal)
Wheel of Time Track   (iCal)
Young Adult Lit Track   (iCal)

Fan Rants indicates that these are not official (Well, save for the Stargate track) and some of the tracks are not listed (Star Trek and Main are ones that immediately occur to me)- but I can only pray that there will be an official release of these in iCal/Google Calendar. 

iCal imports very nicely into Outlook 2010:



Froyo (Android 2.2) for Droid X

Rumor of an early leak of the 2.2 OS for Droid X from My Droid World.

Downloading now; no possible way I will be able to return my current phone to ‘stock’ as I went nuts and deleted all the stupid apps and crazy ringtones.

Going to try update.zip and see what happens!  Surprised smile

Mirror One - Download Now
Mirror Two - Download Now
Mirror Three - Download Now



Verifying Current System
assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/CityID.apk”,”….”)
E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
(Status 7)
Installation Aborted

Looks like I need to revert back to stock with SBF


I am now running Froyo on my Droid X now! (but no root access)

1st step is to recover to stock:

  • Download the Droid X Recovery package:
      Recovery Image: VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01.sbf
      Motorola x86 & X64 drivers
  • Install appropriate drivers (x86 or x64) via executable (includes bootloader mode drivers for Droid X)
  • Download and install RSD Lite
  • Once RSD Lite install is complete, copy ‘pst_flash.ini’ over existing file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola\RSD Lite\
  • Run RSD Lite and open the update file: VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01.spf
  • Put Droid X in bootloader mode:
      Power off
      Hold Camera + Vol down + Power
      Boot will be a black screen with some text
  • Once in recovery mode, plug in the microUSB cable.
  • Verify Device & File Properties look Ok in RSD Lite and hit 'Start'
  • This will take a few minutes and it will eventually reboot.
  • You are now back to a ‘stock’ 2.1 Android for Droid X

Second step is to update to 2.2:

  • Place the 'update.zip' in the root of the SD card
  • Power off the Droid X
  • Power On while holding down the 'Home' key; You will see a yellow triangle-
  • Hit the 'search' button to bring up the menu.
  • Use volume down to scroll down to 'Install update.zip from SD card'.
  • Hit the 'menu' key under 'Ok' to begin the update.
  • Update will take a while- so go do something so you don't stress out while watching the update.

If anything crashes/screws up, restart the RDS Lite app and put the Droid X back into bootloader mode to do a recovery to stock again.