BlackDroid Ultimate ROM 9.0 Released

BlackDroid has released an update for his awesome Ultimate ROM for Droid- currently at v9.0

 image  image  image

While waiting for the official 2.1 Droid update to be captured by capable hands and made into a user updatable file (rooted Android phones with custom loaders cannot receive the OTA update)- and while also still waiting for the Nexus One to finally fracking be offered for Verizon- this is an enjoyable stop-gap.

Rant: rumor is the Nexus One will finally be released sometime this week and it will have a ‘big surprise’ for Verizon users.  I pray this isn’t something stupid like a custom version of Skype (which currently uses Verizon minutes for domestic calls)- but rather something like Android 2.2, an improved touch screen or replacing the roller ball with a touch pad… </rant>

I used a new program in the Android Market called ‘ROM Manager’; this fairly automates the update process (as long as you have root access) and some how managed to backup and restore all of the apps I had installed prior to the update- including the ones I had purchased through the Google market.  Still trying to figure out how this worked, but very, very cool!

The iPad Gets Closer…

My iPad appears to have left Louisville, KY and reached its destination hub in Atlanta, GA. 

It also appears that they are going to be doing some ‘UPS internal activity’ with it in about 8h 40m (at 9:00am- it is 12:20am now)


Looking over my Emails from Apple, I noticed the order confirmation (from 03/12) indicates ‘Delivers on 04/03’- but the shipment notification (from 03/29) specifies ‘Delivers by 04/03’.  Probably me being very optimistic (which I rarely ever do), but perhaps we may get our iPads a few days before they go on sale in the retail stores?



I honestly don’t see how UPS can make 125,000 – 165,000 home deliveries (my rough estimate based on an estimated 250,000 pre-orders- and assuming that 1/3 to 1/2 of them being store pick-ups) of iPads all one day- and I also cannot see Apple paying the extra cost for UPS to warehouse these unties for 2-3 days and then pay for a Saturday delivery (especially considering that Apple charged me no delivery fee)!


iPad in Kentucky!


However, it is now showing a delivery status of ‘Exception’…. Guess they are holding them for a few days so we don’t get them before Saturday!


A Little Nerd Appeal

imageI heard about the latest Lady Gaga ‘Telephone’ video on TWiT and decided to watch it; Pretty good video (but I still prefer her ‘Bad Romance’). 

About 7 minutes into the video, Lady Gaga is mixing up a poison concoction composed of:

  • 1 oz. Rat Poison
  • 1/2 oz. Meta-cyanide
  • 1/2 oz. Fex-M3
  • 1 cup Tiberium

The later three items are fictional toxins derived from Frank Herbert’s Dune series, Star Wars, and Command and Conquer, respectively.

This woman is fracking awesome!

iPad Shipped!

I received a notification from Apple this morning that my iPad has shipped- from Shenzhen, China:


It should be at my front door in another 5 days.  :)