Forget the couch- I’ll take the dryer!

I had to do a bit of repair work on our washing machine (the water pump on our Kenmore HE3t gave out- the rotor for the impeller sheared off) and decided to give the dryer a little preventative maintenance cleaning.  When I tilted the dryer forward, I heard a few coins sliding around inside:


Arrgggh!  Amidst the flotsam (and dryer fluff) in the bowels of ye olde dryer, there be treasure! 

Coppers x 36
Five Cent Pieces x 9
Dimes x 43
Two Bits x 25
Total Booty Plundered: $11.36

(Not sure if this counts for an extra 11xp…)

I also found one 20 cent Euro coin- I assume this was a left-over from our trip to Greece- way back in 2007… :)