Back into the Grind

Pretty busy day back at work; a few surprises that will keep me busy for a while. I also have a UPS system upgrade scheduled for this weekend from 1:00am -3:00am; shouldn't be too bad unless the firmware on the InfraStuXure Manager is bitchy and takes a long time (over serial).

I came back and found my new Treo 700p on my desk! (I recieved this as an incentive for beta testing a Treo 700wx a few months ago). So far, it is really cool- and runs a little better than the 700wx! Looks like I will need to get another SD card though- so I can use the treo for music and such... I will need to see if TomTom works as well on the PalmOS as it does on my Dell Axim x51v (WM5)- and if I can use a bluetooth GPS with this phone! I will be activating with Sprint tomorrow- What sucks is that I have to sign a 2 year contract when I am not even getting a discount for buying a new phone! The good thing is that I will have free cellular call minutes to any Spint or Nextel users (including Tracy, Diana, Wally, etc.)

I also received my Cr├╝xShadows "Sophia Single" CD and another copy of "Mystery of the Whisper/Until The Voices Fade" CD (I purchased one at Dragon*Con- not knowing that they were promoting the single more!) Sophia is pretty good- but it will probably take a bit for it to grow on me. I now have own all 11 of their CDs- which is a new record for me (last record was The Church with 10 albums). I have their new DreamCypher on pre-order; it is scheduled to be released January 15th. lol- I don't think I have anticipated anything this much in quite a while; save for season 3 of Battlestar Galactica!

...and it looks like there are 'webisodes' for Galactica up until the October 9th season premier; neat little snag by SciFi.

Wow- it is already Friday! I need to start getting to bed a little earlier; my DragonCon sleep pattern has not worn off yet!

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