Ok, this is a weird video- yet strangely compelling...


Bluetooth Nirvana

I had a (fairly) decent bluetooth experience today; I was able to get my Treo 700p to play stereo music via bluetooth to some Logitech Wireless for MP3 headphones... Sound was good and range was pretty good.

It wasn't easy; the Treo 700p does not support A2DP natively, so I had to install a trial of Softick Audio Gateway. Unfortunately, this program doesn't yet support the Treo 700p. The current version (1.06) does not work at all, but a prior version (1.03) seems to work!

I updated my music player to the newest version of Pocket Tunes and it plays all of the songs I put on my memory card- but it looks like the way that Media Player 11 organizes the songs (in separate folders for artists and album) make is very hard to generate a play list in pTunes (it doesn't seem to be able to scan sub-directories)- I will have to see if there is a way to setup the sync options in Media Player...

I setup the headphones as a trusted device (passcode is '0000' and I guess this is a common use as I could not find it documented on Logitech's web site) and configured it in Audio Gateway. I fired up pTunes and it works!

It does appear that if I turn off the headphones without manually changing the output location of Audio Gateway back to internal, it will manually reset back when the headphones disappear, but I have to hard reset the Treo to get it to work again!


BT Headphones

I received my Logitech Wireless Headphones for MP3 (Bluetooth); I picked them up refurbish off of eBay for about $42 (including shipping). It looks like they have been discontinued by Logitech in favor of their new FreePulse headphones...

The headphones are pretty comfortable and sound very good- which is a pleasant surprise as I heard that there is a lot of compression with Bluetooth. Range is about 20' inside the office- past that it starts 'skipping' a bit. The headphone charge is supposed to last up to 8 hours (!).

This adds two more things that I need to recharge to my gadget list- the headphones and the 3.5mm to Bluetooth adapter.

I was able to pair the headphones with my Treo 700p and get A2DP audio to work with the addition of Softik's Audio Gateway software. Note: I had to download the older 1.03 version as 1.06 does not work correctly with the Treo 700p.

I now need to load some music (hopefully via a sync from Windows Media Player 11) on my 4GB SD card (and upgrade the basic version of PocketTunes on the phone) and I may be able to replace my iPod for the gym! (I also need to fugue out a way to download and install the most recent PodCasts...)


M3 Adaptor Fun

I have been having a lot of fun with my DS Lite this weekend; I have installed Moonshell and I am converting some of my movies over to .dpg format (the format that Moolshell likes) and watching them on my DS- so far I have a few episodes of Blood Trinity, but I will try a movie a little later.

I will definatly bet getting a M3 lite adaptor next pay cycle- if I have anything left over after payign for the Polar S725X watch I bought on eBay... Now the choice is Perfect or Pro (GBA or not GBA)?

Some links I will probably be using for a bit with this guy:

M3 Adapter Home Page
M3 Forums
M3 Wiki
M3 Wikipedia Page (with updates by me!)
Moonshell Page

Google Mobile Maps for PalmOS!


Internets Wanderings

It all started with an email from Divineo.cn featuring the new M3 Lite Pro MicroSD. It is a pre-order that is about 1/2 price of the M3 Lite Perfect MicroSD, so I decided check it out. (I have been looking at this as my current M3 Perfect SD is excessively big for my NDS Lite case)

I checked the M3 Adapter site and I found links to some new themes for the M3 and all kinds of neat stuff in the M3 Forums. (Now I need to remember the directory structure on the M3 for themes!). I also found a DS Linux site- but I was unable to find anything on the new M3 Lite Pro on their site. I decided to send them an email to inquire on the differences. Since I did not want to send an email to a 'pirate hardware company' from any my personal e-mail addresses, I setup a new account on Yahoo! mail (broo98 was the next available 'Broo' address that I found).

While on the Yahoo mail page, I noticed an notice of how to setup Yahoo! email to my Blackberry. This reminded me to search for the v4.2 firmware for the 8700c. No luck, but I did find some cool blackberry themes for the 8700c linked from the Blackberry Forums.

To install these themes, I need the desktop software- and I would like the new 4.2 version as it has a lot of features (that I cannot use without the new firmware!) so I started searching and found the Blackberry FAQ Wiki with all kinds of info. I eventually found the software several layers under the Blackberry 8100 info page.

So now: I am updating the theme on my M3 Adapter and installing Blackberry Desktop 4.2 to install some new themes on my 8700c; strange how all of this started with a single email...

Update: I received a response from M3 Adapter within 15 minutes of my inquiry -and it looks like the difference is the Pro does not support GBA games over 32Mb (were Perfect support all GBA Games); so the Pro is more of a NDS games only where the Perfect is a NDS/GBA setup. (Actually, I checked the news on Divineo.cn and found the information I needed after all of this- lol!)

It was 10:17 pm when Danny from M3 responded; those people work late!


Wow- A radar gun for kids...

I remember when the police used to use these... back before the days of lasers and radar detectors.

Didn't they stop using these when they discoverd a link between prostate cancer and the troopers holding the guns held between their legs (when not pointing it out the window)? Great- so let's sell them to kids now!


Mario and Lugi

Mario and Luigi : Partners in Time for the Gameboy DS is pretty addictive! I started playing on Saturday and I have my guys up to levels 15 (for the baby Mario & Luigi) and 14 (for their older counter-parts)....

GPS Tracking on a Treo

Mologogo was a pretty neat application I used in the past, but it appears to only work with Nextel blackberry devices at this time... However I did find a nice configuration setup for my Treo 700p on OpenDMTP, but it requires me to setup an Apache server to use (sounds like my next weekend project!).

I wonder how long I could keep GPS records of my trips before I run out of space? (or would my phone die and need to be replaced first!)


Cool Clock!

A really neat clock at Traders in East Atlanta- but where the heck would I put something like this?

Now how the Hell do I get Flickr to auto-post this stuff to my Blogger account?!?


New Bike!

I finally broke down and bought a new bike on Saturday; but I will need to do a little work with it before it is ready to ride again.

It was only $100 at Target (+ $20 for the speedometer; possibly soon to be replaced by a Polar S150)

It is amazing how much certain muscles can be completly out of shape when the rest of you feels pretty good... I learned pretty quickly that my quadraceps have not been used nearly as much from my jogging as they need to be used in bicycling- lol!

Great Shirt!

lol- I think I should get a shirt like this for Dragon*Con next year...


I am probably two years late in finding this, but I finally stumbled across the short-lived Wonderfalls TV series- and it is completley awesome!

I actually began looking for this as Ellen Muth (from Dead Like Me) said that was one of the shows she watched during an interview at DragonCon; so I started searching the newsgroups (with no initial luck). I eneded up finding them via BitTorrent and downloading all of the episodes- and I started to watch... Around episode 4 or 5 I realized that these are completely awesome!

I tried a few times to make a cool DVD and convert the DivX files to standard MPG2 (DVD format), but I was unimpressed with the final product (but I made some really cool menus with Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5)- so I purchased the (last copy of the) DVD set at BestBuy on Thursday. (See- file sharing does pay off for the artist!)

I found the title track "I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls" by Andy Partridge on a "joss is a hottie" webiste (I think referring to Joss Whedon)- and it is a fairly addictive song that I started playing on continueous repeat at work on Wednesday... :o)

(I have also ordered the "Boom Boom Ba" track by Metisse from their website - a song from the 'sister' show Dead Like Me )