Jailbreaks and DirecTV App

I have been a fan of the DirecTV app for iPad for some time; it allows me to setup a list of channels I frequent (TLC, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Science Chanel, etc) and it will present a list of shows that are currently playing on those channels. I can then tap a show for more info or have my DirecTV receiver tune to that channel. This saves countless time scrolling through the 100s of channels or tuning to each of my eight favorites on the receiver to find the same information.

The jailbreak for iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 was recently released, so I immediately tried it out. The jailbreak works great- but the DirecTV app now states it will not work on a jailbroken device:


While I can perhaps see DirecTV adopting this stance as they must protect the video content that can be steamed to the iPad, I don’t understand their actual reason for streaming to the iPad- I must be on the same wireless network as the DirecTV receiver- i.e. I will be at home where there is a much larger screen than 10.1” attached to my DirecTV box. DirecTV should abandon its failed attempt at offering streaming video and allow the app to work as what it works best for- an interactive remote control program.

On the positive side, here are ways of bypassing the jailbreak restriction: In Cydia, add the resource ‘http://n00neimp0rtant.dyndns.org/repo/' as a source repository. The repo info will download and you can find and install the xCon anti-jailbreak app. After an automatic springboard restart the DirecTV app will be able to launch again.