Ham Radio, Car Keys, Electronics, Etc.

I am back in school- working for a BS in IT with a focus on security- but now I am in the science/math part and it is getting kind of boring.

I started listening to the iWoz book from Audible; now I want to get a Ham radio license and revisit my desire to understand more about electronics.  I know the basic components and basic principals such as amperage, voltage, resistance, etc.- but I want to understand why a transistor acts as it does; anyone know any good training videos?

On another note, my second ignition key for my Honda has broken.  This appears to be a fairly common issue with the 2003-2005 Honda models that had the security remote attached to the key blade.

The key is not a normal key; it is a high security 'laser cut’ key with an embedded transponder that disables a system immobilizer when starting the car.  A replacement key from the dealer costs about $160 as they must cut the key, program the remote and program the car to the new transponder.

For do-it-yourselfers, key blanks can be programmed to match the transponder of another key with a key programmer; otherwise you need a transponder programmer that connects in through the ODBII port.

Keyless entry programming is fairly simple enough- but both of my keys have working keyless entry electronics and transponders.

Alternatively, I found a ‘Fix My Key’ website that will cut a key from VIN# for $20 and I can install my remote electronics and transponder.