DC2006 Reflections

Dragon*Con is over, and I (once again) have that strange feeling of loss- as if I will not see a good friend for a long time (about 361 days at this moment). Not that I have any friends that go to the Con (except for Diana this year), but I just miss the gathering of people and the abscense of the normal world intruding.

Next year I think I will get a room so I don't have to miss The Cruxshadows or any other 2:00am tom-foolery- I think I will try to get a room at the Marriot Marquis as it seems to have more elevators... (it will also give me a private restroom- for when the need calls and the public restrooms look like a bus station).

Neat websites I have found due to the con:

That is all I can think of for now- as I get distracted and join AtlantaMojo...

Note: the 'Recover Post' option in blogger ROX!!!

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