Treo News + New Software

Good news from Palm; they have released the ESN for my Treo 700w to Sprint and I should be able to activate it tomorrow. If so, there should be a bit more random picture/video posts, and I will be using HBlogger for Palm to post more blogs...

New Software I am trying out today:
  • iTunes v7 - The latest software for my iPod (now with video support + other crap)
  • KLS Backup 2006 - A backup-to-disk software to copy 'My Documents' and all my MP3s to a removable media device (gotta keep the pictures backed up!)
  • Advanced Window Care v2 - A registry cleaner/spyware inhibitor/website blacklist/privacy protector/swiss-army-knife type program
  • Perfect Disk 8 - An automated defragment tool with scheduler
  • Windows Media Player 11 beta 2 - (Almost forgot this one) In moving away from the iPod world and trying to get my Sansa synched up, WMP seems to be a lot of things right!

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