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Weekend work...

Made it to work at 12am and I am headed home at 11:15am... Gotta love Microsoft clustering issues! (but I now know how to safely move ALL if the SQL server system databases to another drive: msdb, model, tempdb and master!)


SQL Adventures

I am assigned a project of upgrading Quality Center 9.2 to 11.0- and I decided to bring up a VM clone of the physical environment.  The issue arose that we needed to test patches applied to the VMs outside the isolated VM environment- and the VMs have duplicate names of the production systems- and are running SQL 2000 and SQL 2005...

I changed the names and IPs of the boxes and had to search a bit to find a way to get the SQL servers to behave with the new host names:


Additionally, if you lose the SA password, there are tricks where you can add an additional account to the SysAdmin group.

Now to re-configure the QC app to recognize the new DB location...


Honeycomb on Nook Color

There is a custom build of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) available for the Nook Color.  This particular build is designed to run from a MicroSD card (opposed to some of the Froyo eMMC versions which reflash the internal memory), albiet I am not 100% if it requires the Nook Color to be rooted...

On a MacOS system, download the image and do the following:

  • Open a terminal window
  • Insert a MicroSD card into the Mac
  • Use “diskutil list” to determine the disk# of the MicroSD
  • "diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk#" to dismount the MicroSD
    Respons should be "Unmount of all volumes on disk was successful"
  • dd if=nookhoney04.img of=/dev/rdisk# bs=1m
    Note: be VERY careful you have the correct disk- otherwise your Mac might be running Android on next boot!
  • Wait
The disk image will take several minutes- depending on the write speed of your MicroSD.  

Once complete, shutdown your nook, insert the card and you should see the Android boot lolo on power-up.

Yet more snow...


Firmware Updates

Liberty ROM v1.5 has been released for the Droid-X; this is my current ROM of choice for my Android phone.

Also notable is there is an untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 from GeenPois0n.


Hard Drives

Seagate Barracuda LT 2TB retail box hard drive: $79 at MicroCenter.
Hitachi 3TB drives for $200 at Fry's...