D*C Prep Work

Busy getting ready for D*C.  Vacation started yesterday.  

I bought a new camera bag from BestBuy- and took back the Case Logic bag to Frys.  While at Fry’s I picked up a CF-to-PCMCIA adaptor for $2… yea- $2!  I bought another ’14-in-one’ memory card reader just in case it turned out the $2 one was a piece of crap; but so far, so good…

Trying to organize my stuff for the Con.  I am going downtown at about 7:00ish to pickup by badge (they are doing badge pickups today from 4:00pm to 11:00pm).  Then I need to pick Diana up from work and take her to get her car back from Kauffman (brakes were making a noise).

Friday I want to pickup some Cruxshadows’ shirts if they have any.  I also want to see if they have the Sophia CD out (due out from ISO Tank on the 5th).  I doubt they will have anything for DreamCipher (due out January 15th).  I have already pre-ordered both from ISO Tank, but it will be nice to have more than one copy (and support the band) if they do have anything on sale… (also Mystery of the Whisper is on order, but not shipped yet!)

I have made a budget of about $200 for the con- that includes T-Shirts (estimating 4), CDs/DVDs (two or three) and food… if I see a good sword in the dealer’s room I may have to go a little over budget- lol!

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