New Toys

New Gadgets/Gizmos purchased over the weekend:

This is a really small headset that I just stick in my ear and it stays there; it is so light that I was looking for it the other day, thinking I had lost it- and Bonnie pointed out that I had it in my ear!
It was about $70 at Fry's, but it is much better than the three other bluetooth headsets I have tried (especially compared to the Soyo Freestyler headset I purchased and immediatley returned 15 minutes earlier at Frys)
Ok, I was over Apple's stuff and then they released the new iTunes w/ all the awesome new features- and dropped the price of their new Nanos to the price of the Sandisk Sans e260 I had purchased two weeks prior.
Luckily there is a 30 day return policy at BestBuy, so I returned the e260 and bought an iPod from Frys (I would have purchased it from BestBuy but no one was working in that area!). I would have probably kept the e260, but it was having some issues with locking up and 'refreshing database' each time I turned it on...
I have been trying to find a picture of the new Nano, but nothing from a Google Search will fit in the blog very well; but AppleInsider has a few "box opening" pics. It also looks like someone went to a good bit of trouble documenting the insides of the oirginal Nano.

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