Day 3 About to Start

Ok, I couldn't hang last night so I left the Con at about 11:00pm or so (just after I finished the last blog, actually). I went to work (crazy traffic on Piedmont!) and picked up my Pronto Neo from work...

The Neo is in good shape, but it was missing the programming cable. I left the con so I could get home early and get some sleep, but I stayed up until 2am making a cable (Info on pinout here, and I used an old serial cable and a cheap set of headphones for the wires- wow, that sounds a little like McGyer) and playing with the NeoEdit software and working with some NCF files... Pretty fun, but I have a lot of IR learning to do between my old an new units (luckily the learnign is pretty easy).

So... now I am washing my (favorite pair for Dragon Con) jeans and getting ready for a shower (phew- 14+ hours at the con yesterday) and making sure all of my batteries are charged. I also still need to install ACDSee and uplod the 600+ pics from yesterday!

Notes from yesterday:
  • Canon 50mm lens is not very useful in variable distance photograpy
  • Make sure to turn off or close TomTom on PDA as this overrides power settings
  • It is sometimes easier to go the long way (down 3 floors to the conference level and then back up two levels) in the Marriot rather than fighting the escalatiors down to the Ballroom level.
  • People are starting to get greedy for parking $$- i.e. $15 for Special Event parking.

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