Remember the fan scene in Highlander II?

Well- the Highlander scene was bullshit! I had a run-in with a little CPU fan, and I would loved to have seen Sean Connery try to stop this bastard:

Who would have thought such a little fan (at 4000 rpm+ I guess was the issue) could draw so much blood? (I had drips all over my room- more pics to follow?)

Maybe they shouldn't have made the blades so pointy- or perhaps put a cage around the fan? Oh wait- what dumb-ass is going to be sticking his hand into a computer case with the power on and the fan spinning at full speed?

In the end, I abandoned the fan and went with a huge copper heat sink.

My plans for an upgraded MCE computer? Abandoned: I ended up putting the same sysytem back in place (minus the external drives) and building a 'file server' PC (with seven hard drives and a little over 1.5TB of storage space).

I tried Windows Vista RC1 for the Media Center, and it looks great- but it cannot play DivX or XviD movies (about 80% of my library)... and is slow as all of creation when creating thumbnails for my movies (on an old Athlon XP 2800 w/ 1GB RAM).

I am trying out SageTV v5 as an alternative, but it has some issue as well (distorted movie displays, no thumbnails for movies). I may end up going back to Windows MCE 2005- but this time with the FFDShow codec pack...

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