Treo Woes

I went to activate my new Treo 700w with Sprint today, and I was unable to as the ESN numbers have not been released to Sprint... So I went ahead and signed up for a phone (I will get free calls to all Sprint and Nextel users) and got a $10 Samsung SPH-A420 (Nice phone actually) for $10 (with contract- but I have to have a contract either with the Treo or a new phone- so this way I ahve a spare if the Treo breaks) I contacted Palm and they determined it was an issue with the warehouse not releasing the ESNs to Sprint and they will correct it ASAP.

The service at Sprint was actually fairly exceptional; I met a sales person named Rorey and he was soft spoken and very helpful through the entire process. As other customers came in, he acknowledged them and helped them while he was on hold awaiting responses for my activation- he was very good at balancing multiple tasks. I was honestly impressed...

So I have a 'disposable' phone that I can use until the Treo issue is resolved. I am now looking for data cables for the phone and it looks like I will be totaly out of luck- lol!

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