Last Day of Vacation

Last day of my vacation... *sigh*

Today was a fracking beautiful day to be home; it was in the upper 70s this morning and the sun was shining. I took Betty (our chiuaua) out on the upstairs deck and just sat out and enjoyed the weather.

What else have I done today? I have been playing with this damn Pronto Neo remote and discovering how complex I can make this thing. I have loaded the NeoEdit (for the .ncf files the Pronto Neo uses) and then installed the ProntoEdit (for .ccf configuration files!) and ProntoEdit NG (for .pcf configuration codes!!). The later two programs are currently useless to me, but I need them to extract the discrete IR codes from other configuration files made by Philips and other people...

What are discrete IR codes? These are codes that usually aren't on a remote control and are needed to change variable states to a specific state. For example, the power button on a TV toggles it on and off- so depending on what state the TV is in, it will change to the opposite state when I press the power button. Discrete IR codes will have a 'button' setting that will turn the TV on (or leave it on) or turn it off (or leave it off) no matter what state the TV is in... Doesn't sound all that important, but these are VERY useful when you setup a macro to control your stereo equipment like TV on -> receiver on -> DVD on -> switch receiver to DVD -> switch TV to AV1 input -> switch menu to DVD player...

Anyway... I also went over to Tracy's Aunt's house (our old house) to fix the Internet connection- turns out the cable bill was past due and they turned off the internet; easy fix. Also managed to get Himachi working and opened up the VNC port in Windows firewall (port 5900).

I went to the gym this afternoon, but my heart wasn't into it- I didn't even finish two sets of upper body today- I just feel tired since the con. I also tanned afterwards; I doubt I will be doing a whole lot more of that...

I added a counter to my webpage and played around some more with the flickr badge. I also found some wonderful time wasting sites at 43things.com and 43places.com (and also related AllConsuming.net).

I tried using AudioBlogger, but all I got were three dead-silent blogs; two from my cell phone and the other via Gizmo.

I am off to dinner tonight with Diana in a bit- I think we are headed to Little Azio.

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