Sunday Afternoon

I slept until about 10:00am- after working until about 4:00am last night. The UPS hardware upgrade went great; power capacity was increased by 50% and the battery capacity was increased by about 40%. But the ISM update went south- the unit is DOA with a failed OS install (I think). I will have to contact APC tomorrow to see about resolving that...

I went to the gym and my Sandisk e260 locked up on me- even before I started working out! I upgraded to Windows Media Player 11b2, and I am wondering if that had something to do with it (and that I added another 100+ songs to the player). I had to take it apart when I got home (back is removable for user-replacable battery) and rebooted it; It seems to work Ok after that. I am also doing a firmware update on it- so far it is taking a long time to 'refresh database' and finish.

Worst part was that I really didn not feel like workign out after that- it isn't as much fun if there is nothing to listen to, save my own breathing... I did one full set of upper body and added on a set of arm curls and military press and then left (I wasn't feeling too energetic either). I think I need some sleep! :o)

I also started to organize my MP3s in Media Player 11; lots of ratings to set (I am up to 'M'), lots of empty fields to fill in, and lots of album art to find!

Things I learned today:
  • the Sandisk Sansa seems to much more functional with USB mode set as a MSC Device (Mass-Storage Controller) vs. a MTP Device (Media Transfer Protocol).
  • The Sansa should reboot if you hold the power button down for 20 seconds (no 10!).
  • In WMP11 if you hightlight a group of songs and then right click to change one setting, it changes ALL of the selected items! (very good- I may not need The Godfather as much).

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