More fun Vista Stuff!

Yes- I have been screwing around with Vista for the past two days; but more gizmos abound!

1st new 'got to have' addon is TVTonic; This is basically a video podcast agregator that can collect any video podcast that supports RSS enclosures.  It has severl hundred podcasts in its library (only fav I didn't see was MoBuzzTV!) and it downloads in the background and allows me to play them from an embedded program in Media Center.  (I guess this kills the need for a video cable for my iPod!)

2nd new addon is something I am stil testing  is a Media Center Remote Record option.  It reuqires an install on the MCE system, but then I can login to a MSN TV guide and search/schedule any show for recording (via a passport/live account).

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like TVTonic!

    You can always add MobuzzTV to your channels by subscribing to their RSS feed:


    Also, we're just about to release TVTonic 3.2, which includes a new interface that takes full advantage of Vista's Media Center capabilities.

    Stay tuned to www.tvtonic.com