God of War II and PSTwo

In case you didn't hear, God of War II for the Playstation 2 came out last week- with some very good reviews. I was a fan of the original God of War, but I really didn't want to get my old (modded) PS2 down from the attic and hook it up. Here are my excuses for not using that one:

  • Laser assembly kind of flaky (replaced it once, works Ok, but not 100% reliable with DVD+R media)
  • DVD door cover broken
  • No place in audio rack
So I talked myself into buying a new PSTwo (PS2being the old 'brick' style with a separate network adapter, PSTwo being the new slimline' style). I also decided to use it with my new 24" monitor as it has two component inputs- that took care of the space issue.

I think it finally came down to the 'new hotness' vs. the 'old and busted' mentality to justify needing a new PS2- for God of War II... and other things...

No two ways about it; God of War II is fracking awesome. There is one part called the 'Steeds of Time' that is just breath taking- and I think I am less than 1/2 way through the game, so I am sure there is lots more to see!

In addition to God of War II, I picked up a copy of Shadow of the Colossus (new), Final Fantasy
and Soul Reaver 2 (Both used). New 'classic' games are going for $20 each; used games are as low as $8 (at GameStop/EBGames)- this is a price where I don't feel it is
worth-while to look for a Mod chip for this unit...(and the DMS4 EZI SE Pro is $80!)

However, I really do enjoy taking the units apart and connecting wires andchips and seeing what I can make the unti do!

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