Catching up...

It has been a busy few weeks; I returned from New Orleans and I have been fairly busy at work and around the house- not much time to play World of Warcraft even!

Work has been busy with several things; migrating data centers, backup restructuring, build room rebuild, and several other little projects that keep popping up at the last minute- but that keep life interesting.

I have been contacting old friends via email lately; which is good.

I am back on a low-carb diet, so my energy levels are low (maintained by caffeine until my body adapts) but I was able to make it to the gym yesterday- and plans are to go back tomorrow... I think if I can get down to my ideal weight (about 190) it will be a lot easier to maintain as I will be more apt to be more active!

I have decided my favorite two TV shows are definitely the new Battlestar Galactica (renewed for a 4th season!) and HBO's Rome series- I am actually leaning towards liking Rome a little more as I feel more anxious to see the next episode (even though I know what happens -as it is based on Roman history!). It is kind of like a soap opera set in 300BC - but with the occasional death via gladius...

Not much else to write at the moment...

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