New Cameras

We are doing some upgrades around the house, so I am upgrading our security cameras as well. I found a place with decent price on cameras and cable called Closeout CCTV- and I spent $500 on six cameras (420 line- not too bad), a 9x12v power distribution block and matching 'duo' cables (BNC+Power). However, their prices on DVRs are not the best...

For a new 16 channel DVR I am probably going to use CCTV Factory.

(Oddly enough, both of these guys appear to be primarily eBay vendors.)

Now I have to sift through the whole DVR jargon environment and see what I need/want:
  • MPEG-4, MJPEG or JPEG2000?
  • CIF (320x240) or Frame (720x240 or 720x480)?
  • 480, 240 or 120fps (across up to 16 cameras?)
  • BNC pass-through, VGA out, web broadcast and/or 3G phone support?
  • Triplex or Pentaplex?
  • IDE HD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and/or USB?
  • Internal power or external brick?
...or do I just forgo the entire DVR box idea and get me a nice GeoVision card and build my own DVR?

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