Lots and lots of cables!

I have spent the last 11 1/2 hours pulling cable and punching it down on a patch panel- and I am only about 25% done with all the punch-downs! (some pics on my 'build room' photoset on Flickr).

Tomorrow is another 10+ hours of the same- and hopefully time to put a counter top over the MDF that is the current counter-top when I am done... I still need to figure out a good way to cut two 4'x8' sheets of 1/4" birch down to 32" wide without splintering it all to Hell; Anyone have a table saw with a very fine blade on it I can use for a few minutes?

The work wasn't that bad; I listened to my ipod via Logitech bluetooth headphones for most of the day (I never realized how much 2.4Ghz radiation a microwave oven emitted). I actually got a little burned out on podcasts today...

My right foot has been driving me nuts for most of the afternoon; I guess it is time I go and let at doctor have a look at it to see why it 'aches' so much. It feels almost like a fractured bone- or arthritis starting to set in... I assume it is from he hitting it on the slate when stepping out of the tub or missing the bottom stairs step once to many times- but nothing happened immediately after either (multiple times) incident, and it doesn't really hurt unless I stand on it for a long time. (it has only been feeling strange for about a year or so- I guess it isn't going to heal on its own!)

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