Blogger- WTF?

It appears that blogger has implemented a new form of 'spam control'- requiring me to enter a 'word verification' for each blog that I post. What this has done was put several of my posts into 'draft' limbo waiting for me to login to blogger and change them from draft to post with via the word verifications.

A few suggestions to blogger/google:
  1. Lose the word verification- this breaks about every blog tool that exists (performacning, live writer, etc).
  2. Notify people when you make changes to the way things work!
  3. Make new 'spam tools' options that will need to be turned on by the user- not the reverse; i am sure there are millions of pissed-off people that have no idea how to turn this off!
I have requested that this silliness be removed from my blog- now lets see how long this takes to actually occur... (Yet another reason to move over to Word Press or Movable Type!)

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