La La Startup

My shipping kit for la la arrived today; five envelopes and five plastic CD cases.

La La is a service where you list all of the CDs you have and you can trade the ones you are tired of (if anyone is interested in them). You can mark CDs that you don't want to trade (so you don't accidentally try to send them) and search for ones that you want to receive.

Basically when you ship out a CDs and you get a 'trade credit'; you can then go request a CD and someone will send it to you (if it is available). The fee is $1 to la la + shipping (I think they said about $0.75 each CD)- so it is like trading an old CD for something you want for $1.75.

I have added a 'la la badge' to the right side of my screen so you can see some of the CDs that I have for trade.

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  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    check out the free trading site, www.switchplanet.com