New HD and Video card in Vista...

HD and Video Upgrades

I upgraded my video card to a Radeon X1900GT and added a new WD Raptor 64GB drive- both of those items rate as a 5.9 on Vista performance:

My next upgrade will be to an AM2 motherboard- after my tax check comes in! :o)

I am running Vista again- not sure why, maybe I just wanted to see how my rating went up from prior install. Lots of applications are stating 'Vista Ready' and still do not work- namely Nero Burning ROM ('Object Expected' errors when viewing video thumbnails) and NetLimiter 4.09 (Need uber-admin rights to allow/deny access for applications).

I am still also having the USB issue with my GA-8ANXP-SLI motherboard; none of my on-board USB ports will support mass storage devices (MSD)- I get 'unkown device' for thumb-drives, HDs, digital cameras and memory card readers... But they all work form the add-in USB cards and through a USB hub. I guess this will be resolved when I upgrade my mobo...

Well- a fairly uneventful weekend (save another trip to the gym and tanning) and back to work in the morning!


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Try going into the bios and changing the USB settings there. To a more generic setting.

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    oh yeah, or tyr the generic usb driver from windows xp.