How to make $800,000,000

My roommate's best friend's sister (that is a neat relational chain) just closed a multi-billion dollar deal- and she is making $800 Million as her commission...

Wow- talk about not having to work for the rest of your life; I am guessing $264 mil to taxes (Uncle Sam needs his 33%!) and if she puts $400 mil into investments (giving $136 mil for immediate spending on stuff- see below) she will make $20 mil a year in interest (assuming a fairly low rate of 5%). I think I am in the wrong line of work...

I still need to find out exactly what was sold- I it was either a small country or a lot of ball-bearings!

From the initial plans, it looks like my roommate my go off on a 6 month cruise (on the new $30 mil yacht that was purchased- I am guessing that is the 150' model) and she may not need to worry about money too much as her best friend's sister is almost a billionaire... (maybe I can get her to buy me a HD-DVD drive for my xBox 360!)

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