More Upgrades

I did some system upgrades:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ CPU

  • Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe
  • Antec P150 Case w/ Antec 430W NeoPower
  • Zantec CNPS9500 AN3
I used my current video card, RAM, DVD-R drive and hard drives and my Windows Vista 'Experience' increased a bit:


I was going to purchase the above hardware from Newegg, but it turned out that the local Fry's had everything in stock: the CPU was only $17 more than Newegg, so I did a little math and found that that entire purchase at Fry's would be about 7% more. There were a couple of other things that swayed me towards Fry's:

  1. I initially was going for the Antec P180 case (no power supply)- but Fry's had the P150 (w/ 430W power supply) on sale for less than the P180
  2. There is an additional $50 mail-in-rebate on the P150- so it actually will be less than Newegg's price.

  3. If something doesn't work, return/replacement time is hours instead of days.

  4. Instant gratification
The system is now up and running- last night I tried Windows XP and today I converted to Vista Home Premium. Both seem to run a little better than before- and the USB issue I was having with my old motherboard and Vista appears to be specific to that system- so there are still some issues with Vista and the Gigabyte GA-8NXPD-SLI board.

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