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Big news for yesterday: The Apple iPhone - The Apple iPhone runs OS X - Engadget. I want one of these, but there is no way I will sign a 2 year contract with Cingular and pay $600- Hell, I might as well go and buy a PS3 while I am at it! The sad part is, if there was no contract and it was $700 I would start saving up for one...

On another note- I am still seem to be approved beta test a GSM phone for Cingular- just no info since the application... I have checked back a few times and the forums are up, but no NDA or info- I doubt is is possible, but it would be absolutely fucking awesome if I got to test out an iPhone! (of course I wouldn't be able to tell anyone if I did because of NDA!)

My pre-order album from the Cruxshadows entitled Dreamcypher shipped out on Friday- and it looks like someone posted the album (224kbps variable) on NewsBin- I guess it this is one of those times where I won't have to feel guilty as I have actually purchased the album! I am going to import it into iTunes and make a new play list for listening to on the way to work in the morning...

I went to the gym again today- mostly cardio; yesterday was upper body with a little cardio. Bonnie and I went to the L.A. Fitness out by perimeter- and they have a racquetball court and swimming lanes out there; I need to get another racket as I used to love racquetball!

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