Smammers- Begone!

I mentioned a few blogs back that I was moving my domain to Godaddy to try out the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) DNS entry that allows me to specify which hosts are allowed to send e-mails for my brooskie.com domain; this has been in place for about four days and I have not received a single non-deliverable bounce-back for that domain in the past three days! All I can say is that spammers can bite my ass if they want to hijack my domain name to send their crap!

The DNS transition was fairly painless after my prior registrar released the domain (5 days later). I received an email from GoDaddy and logged in and setup my email forwarding and domain hosting- and I had to do then was upload my web page files. GoDaddy offers a lot of options that the others do not seem to have and they snuck in free basic domain hosting when I wasn't looking (good deal!)

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