DNS Defence Tools

It appears that some spammer has taken it upon themselves to use my domain name (brooskie.com) as a reply address for their junk- I am getting 20-30 non deliverable reports (NDRs) per day with dfadsf@brooskie.com (random example) as the reply address...

There is a DNS entry called the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) that allows me to specify what domains are authorized to send mail for brooskie.com (or other domains)- it is a little confusing to setup, so I have purchased broo2.com and flamingchud.com to play around with.

My main domain is currently in transfer from my old registrar of DirectNIC to GoDaddy; DirectNIC wasn't a bad registrar, but they lacked some of the control and features that GoDaddy has... We shall she how my eMail traverses over the next 24-48 hours!

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