The Burning Crusade...

I did it again- I signed up for World of Warcraft... I can just imagine the long nights with no sleep and the wasted time- just like it was before (and before that). The new add on for WoW came out Tuesday: The Burning Crusade... I was at Fry's earlier looking at some motherboards and it caught my eye (there is a huge table just buried with copies in the middle of the gaming section).

I started installing WoW on Vista (the program told me I didn't have sufficient CPU- with Athlon X2 3800- not a real good sign for Vista compatibility) and signed up again on the WoW site. I also had to upgrade my account to reflect the add on (another CD key). After installing the 4 WoW CDs, I logged on to see how big the update is- 425MB! I am not even sure if I need the update as it may be includeded in the Burning Crusade add on (another 4 CDs)

I have a level 57 Orc warrior named Broo on Dalaron- or at least I hope I still do!

During the install I setup Skype and purchased a SkypeOut plan (12 months unlimited for $12.50) and SkypeIn plan (3 months for $10). The later gives me voicemail and a number for in-bound calls (678-389-9405). I also installed the Skype PocketPC client on my Dell Axim, so I have another phone number (at least while I am in range of an 802.11b/g signal). I really think that VoIP is the way everything will go in the next 2-3 years (i.e. no more 'cellular phones' and no more land lines -but the later will take some time). Once we have some nice metro Wifi blankets, it will all change...

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