xBox 360 Pro w/ HDMI - WTF?

I had pre-ordered Halo 3 before I sold my xBox 360 (with the intention of buying a 360 Elite) so I decided to purchase a xBox 360 Pro as they now include the HDMI port (one of my primary reason for wanting to upgrade to the elite).

I went to Fry's last night and purchased the last premium and set it up to play a bit before I had to go in for some sever work (12:00am - 4:34am); problems:

1. The new system sounded like a fan was dying (my prior system was VERY quiet- maybe I should have kept it?)

2. I could not update from xBox Live update; I kept getting 'you must update' - 'update failed' flip-flop messages.  (This turned out to be me needing to open some ports on my router)

3. The HDMI output is so close to the normal A/V port that both cannot be used at the same time- so to use the L+R or fiber-optic audio out put from the xBox 360 I cannot plug in the HDMI cable:



It appears the design of my later complaint is so Microsoft can sell me an A/V adaptor and HDMI cable for $50;


I returned the 360 this morning.

I am now contemplating if I want to get an xBox 360 Elite which includes this $50 cable + an upgraded 120GB hard drive (pro had a 20GB) or wait until the 'holiday bundle' is out...


  1. Hey, I just ran into the same issue. I ended up using the HDMI cable to my DLP tv and the optical out into my receiver so I can get 5.1... If you can, I'd do the same, there isn't any issue with sound being out of sync.

  2. Has anyone been able to hack the DVD drive of this new xbox 360 with HDMI?

  3. Anonymous6:02 AM

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  5. Weird. I have this Xbox and the cable you mentioned was included. I guess you are right about ports been too close each other.
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