Dragon*Con 2007

This DC was a little different than the prior years; I was not as excited as I have been in the past- perhaps I am just bored in seeing so many stormtroopers/elves/demons as they all look about the same after so many years.  Perhaps it was the dynamic growth in attendance- and the 40 minute+ wait in line for a panel.

I left Sunday afternoon with the intention of getting a few hours sleep and heading back to the Cruxshadows concert- I ended up deciding I would rather stay at home and sort MP3s/FLAC files...  Today I do not feel like driving down for 6 hours of wandering around with no photo opportunities...

I have been doing a lot of inner reflection and there are things about myself that I need to examine...

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  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    to whomever is posting this- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH BRUCE?!!?