iPod Touch Issues...

Hmmm- I guess this is the price I pay for being an early adopter...

I have been having problems synching my new iPod Touch with iTunes v7.4.1.2- a sync begins but it never ends; iTunes stops transferring music and sits there with 'Syncing Broo2' (the name of my iPod Touch).

But this in itself was really not an issue- the problem is there appears to be something running on the ipod during the sync and this continues to run and use up my battery- and kill WiFi! 

I did the 'slide to cancel' sync before I undocked the iPod to stop the sync process as gracefully as possible; I noticed it was warm- probably from charging the battery?  I slid it into my pocket and went about my business.  I took the iPod out a few times at Fry's to see if there was a WiFi connection so I could check for reviews on items- hmmm, no WiFi signal at all?

I stopped and looked at a HP laptop on dislplay; enabled wireless and found there were a few wireless connections (including 'Fry's Belkin'- which had the default admin password and no WAN connection- now renamed to 'Fry's Dead Router')- but nothing on the iPod.

I left and went to MicroCenter.  I looked at a few things and tried again to get a signal; nothing in the store.  I started to think that the back of the unit appears to be the antenna and maybe it is very directional so I gave up (I did not want to hold it up like a camera phone so as to not draw attention to my new toy).

When I left Microcenter I looked at it again; the battery level was now in the red; What the Hell?  I haven't played any music or videos- and this thing has been on for maybe 10 minutes during the day.  I also took note that this thing had been warm for the entire day- warmer than human body temperature.

I shut the unit down and rebooted it- and got a message that batter was less than 20% (in about 4 hours since I took it off the charger)- but now I could find several WiFi connections.  I also noted that since it rebooted (took about a minute the metal was now cool to the touch).

I have verified that iTunes is the current version- and did a repair install; looks like the same issue.  My last sync started at 2am and was canceled at about 11:00am (7 hours sounds like to long to sync 9GB of data).  I will have to do a restore on the unit and see if it fixes my issue...

Another Note: iTunes apparently sends unit crash reports back to Apple- I know this as I have sent at least 3 crash reports back to Apple since it's purchase yesterday. 

But it is still pretty fun!  :o)  

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