A fairly routine day; I went out to Frys... And MicroCenter (Duluth)... And the other MicroCenter (Marietta)... and Circuit City... and HH Greggs... However I only spent a total of about $30 (two $10 802.11G PCMCIA NICs and some 'N' sized batteries for my LED flashlights)- plus two stops at Taco Bell...

Damn Taco Bell- they have a new Cheesy Beefy Melt- this in conjunction with the Grande Chicken Quesadilla has continued to detract me from my diet strategy (it was a short hiatus for DragonCon- but that was a week ago)...  <shakes fist menacingly in the air at Taco Bell>

I have been playing with Trillian a bit- there are some nice plugins for the pro version (only $25); most notably a GMail notifier plugin, a winamp plugin, a spellcheck, and a 'now playing' plugin (changes away to currently playing song); there is also a live messenger plugin that I will need to try when I get back to work...

Speaking of which- I cannot believe I have already been on vacation for 15 days! Only one more day and then it is back to the 10 to 7 schedule... (But I am off again for the week of Thanksgiving). 

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