LinuxMCE Progress

I have been having fun with the LinuxMCE installation on a motherboard with ATI chipset with an embedded Radeon X1250 video- but I did manage to get HD output (via on-board HDMI to my TV):


I found a 'how-to' guide that walked me through installing the video drivers (basically downloading a package form a 'restricted' repository); How-ever, once I started to install MCE it all went to hell and I am back to square 1.

I also tried a GeForce 6200GS PCI-E card (component output) and it seemed to work for a start- but after the first reboot the video was out-of-range and neither my TV or my AV receiver can handle it (the port is actually 'looped' on my receiver).

<sigh> Where is a beta for XBMC on Linux?

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