xBox 360 Transfer

I picked up a used 120GB HD for my xBox 360 and suddenly realized how much a pain-in-the-ass xBox 360 data transfer is (unless I buy a new 120GB with the HD transfer kit); I had a 64MB memory cartridge and well over 600MB of data to transfer- so I would need to fill the card 10 times and swap HDs on the system between each transfer…

I ended up buying a 512MB memory cartridge for $30 from GameStop. I then sat down to to copy game/save/themes/etc files from my old HD (one-at-a-time) to the memory card, shut down the system, replace the HD, and copy the files back to the larger hard drive (one-at-a-time).

I filled up the 512MB with as many things that I could fit and decided to use a xBox360 transfer cable that I purchased a while back. Using instructions from MaxConsole, I was able to setup divers for the reader to work on Windows 7 for use with Xplorer360 and create a full backup of the memory card contents to my PC (just in case I ever need it).

And a few hours later, I have a larger HD on my 360 (and I actually found a few old game saves I thought I had lost on my 64MB memory card)!


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

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