Blackberry Bold Replacement Screens

My roommate dropped her Blackberry Bold a few months back and cracked the screen; I tried to find a replacement by swapping out the screen with another device that had a similar issue- but I was answered only with a garbled-up LCD display. I tried a second time with a different screen and I received the same results- a white screen with vertical red and blue lines.

Today i discovered that there are in fact three different LCD screens for the Blackberry Bold:


It turns out the screen that my roommate needs is the 001/004 version- which I am assuming is the oldest version.

From the numbering scheme, I would guess that there is also a forth screen type, but no one on eBay is currently selling the ‘004/004’ model.

I am not sure why RIM would make different screen models for one device- and why that these screens have identical electrical connectors but different display protocols.

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