Google Voice Allowing Phone Number Changes – For $10

I logged into my Google Voice account to change a phone number and I noticed a ‘Change Number’ option next to my current Google voice number. I signed up for Grand Central a few years ago and I was issued a phone number in the 229 area code (Albany, GA)- which was not local to Atlanta, GA.

I clicked the link and was informed for a one time fee of $10 (via Google Checkout) I could change my number!

During the selection, I was able to select an area code and a 'phrase’ that Google would search for in the available numbers (such as area code 404 and ‘STFU’). It returned a number I was happy with so I approved the $10 charge- and now I have a new number! :o)

The old number stays active for 90 days- just in case someone is still using it.


Now if Google Voice will just add in Fax capabilities (and open up to the general public).

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