Clear ‘Unlimited’ Plans

While leaving work yesterday, I received a call from 888-657-1456; it was an automated message from Clear to inform me that they had detected ‘unusual usage patterns’ on my connection that may be ‘affecting the performance of their network’. The message went on to express that this could be a sign of a computer virus or an unsecured wireless network.

Guess what guys- I signed up for an unlimited usage 6Mbps plan. I am using said plan to it’s greatest potential. I verified with the sales person that I would be using it 24x7 to watch movies, VPN to work, download ISO images and such and I was told ‘no problem’.

If the WiMax network is affected by my single 6Mbps stream, then Clear has some other issues it needs to address.

I received an email notification this morning informing me that my address was updated on my clear account. I logged in and found that a ‘!!Read Acct History!!’ message had been added beneath my name.

I think I will have some fun calls with Clear over the next few days. :)


  1. Grayone11:05 AM

    Any luck boosting your signal strength to 5 LEDs?

  2. JohnH312:43 PM

    I recently started using clear and trying to enable access to a webcam externally. I disabled the firewall in the modem, enabled DMZ, but when I use the external IP address of my network from another network to access the webcam I get link broken. What am I missing (and Clear tech support is less than helpful)??

  3. No luck on getting a consistent 5 LED link- and I will probably end up having my account terminated due to usage, so this has gone down on my priorities. :)

    As for the question about webcam acccess, you will need to setup port forwarding in the modem- or make sure that your webcam is receiving the DMZ address. Most webcams will use port 80, but some others require additional ports for video/audio streaming, remote control, etc.

    If you are using the DMZ address on your webcam, make sure you are trying the connection in IE (not Firefox/Chrome/Safari/etc) as a good majority of the webcams require Active-X installs to view remotely. (Some use Java/Flash and can be used in Firefox/etc).

  4. JohnH37:21 PM

    Success with ClearWire opening ports Now have webcam accessible from the outside. Was a mistake in which IP to forward through the modem. Even with the lowest BW plan, response is pretty good.
    Thanks for the pointers