DSL Modem Option 3: TRENDNet TEW-635BRM

The NetGear routers do not provide port translation; the LinkSys routers are ‘feature poor’; my DLink is having 802.11b/n issues… So I decided to try out a TRENDnet TEW-635BRM.

The TRENDnet seemed to be a viable alternative; it has an integrated DSL modem, Wireless N, QoS and WPS- and it does both port forwarding and port translation!

However it does not do DHCP reservations… The is not specifically a ‘deal-killer’ but I am fairly OCD on my network settings and not having my PC at may be just enough to drive me insane…

TRENDnet was even go good as to put a router emulator on their site for testing.

I will play with this device for bit more, but I have the strong feeling that I will be re-flashing my DGL-4500 and going back to the old DSL modem

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  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I have found Trendnet firmware to be of horrendous quality when using port forwarding. Examples include messing with DNS requests, forgetting that ports are mapped after a while, and my favorite of providing the admin interface to the external world on port 80. Make sure you very thoroughly test, including throwing a lot of external traffic at it and simulated power failures.