Warner Brothers is offering a $4.95 HD DVD to Blu-Ray trade in. If you are a HD DVD adopter, you now have the option of sending n the HD DVD jacket sleeve (the case cover) + $4.95 per disc to ‘upgrade’ to the Blu-Ray format.

I may do this for ‘A Clockwork Orange’, but I haven’t fired up a physical disc device in several months; I am starting to realize that physical media is already outdated and is only there to foster materialism- i.e. the need to own things I will never watch more than once (which is exactly what the studios want).

Once the large ISPs in this country pull their heads out of their ass and provide real, low-cost broadband maybe we hope for a reasonable ‘on-demand’ 1080p HD video system- pay $3 and watch any movie with no wait/artifacts/etc.

Based on what I have seen of how capitalism ‘works’, this won’t happen in the US within the remainder of my years…

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  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    i'm all about fostering materialism though. i love my collections!