G1 Update –Success!

I am now running the Haykuro 5.0G ROM on my G1 (with root access) and I have A2DP!

I have been re-installing apps and testing out things and everything seems to be working great- maybe even a little faster than the RC33 firmware I was running prior.

One thing that is missing is the Latitude addition for Google Maps; not a biggie as I have this installed on the Blackberry Storm I carry for work.

In addition to A2DP, the new Bluetooth profile also supports AVRCP and it easily paired up with my Sony BT21 headphones. The sound quality was sub-par until I updated the radio firmware- now it all seems to be clear and as good as the sound from my Samsung P2.

I am testing out the pre-release of Moxier Mail for Exchange, GMail for my personal mail and I can listen to music via wireless Bluetooth (screw the goofy-ass HTC ExtUSB adaptor!); Throw in a Facebook and a Twitter client and I now have a 'do-it-all device’.

(Good thing I purchased a few extended batteries from eBay!)

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