G1 Haykuro Builds

A devoted engineer name Haykuro appears to have been working on a port of the Vadaphone Sapphire ROM over to the T-Mobile G1- and releasing a ‘cupcake’ featured build of Haykuro 5.0G (with Google apps) and 5.0.1H (with HTC apps) for the G1.

A comparison of the various features between the stock RC33, JesusFreake 1.42 and the two Haykro builds shows that the later version support A2DP- the one feature I have been waiting for!

Some screen shots/features of the Haykuro builds:

There is a detailed write-up for getting root access and flashing the ROM

Wish me luck- if this fails I will be using an old-ass AT&T burner until I figure out how to resole…

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