A Most Exellent Day!

Three 'big' events today:
  1. I got my invite to Joost beta!
    I signed up a few months ago and I received my invite while at work today; luckily they have turned off the outbound firewall rules (prior net engineer was an IP Nazi)
  2. I got a Niko Wii Charging Station from Circuit City!
    I heard about this in January and I have been searching the web for it- now I need a 2nd Wii controller to make it look full.
  3. I put the first coat of polyurethane on the build room countertop!
    Long story short, I am almost done with this project- two more coats of urethane, some punch-downs and that is it!
Other small things: My Monster Cable Lightwave 100x and PS2 32MB memory cartridge came in from ebay; I purchased these for about $15 each (including shipping). Nice they both came on the same day and I am extrememly impressed the 32MB is a Sony OEM (or a very good fake!)

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