MCE2005 Video Problems Resolved

I feel stupid- the 'interlacing' issue I was having running my Comcast cable box through the s-video input were caused by a crappy MPEG decoder; I installed PowerDVD 6.5 and the video looks 100x better!

I figured this out by building another MCE box (for the firewire testing); I couldn't get the TV to display at all- until I installed PowerDVD- and then the picture was excellent (strange, considering it is running across a composite video to a cheap-ass ADSTech MCE 3000 MCE Hardware Kit; now the MPEG encoder on this card is pretty good; but the TV tuner is horrible!)

After a little more research the recording over firewire is a little strange; I still need to setup an external 'set-top box' tuner and schedule the TV shows to record, but the software will bypass the IR blaster (and change stations via firewire) and create a 2nd recording via firewire capture. The software also allows the option of deleting the MCE recording (and keeping the firewire recording) or keeping both.

More fun tomorrow!

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