MovieStop Rocks

I went to a GameStop to see if they had a used copy of Viva Pinata for the xBox 360 (they did for $25, but I waited- and found it new at a Target for $20; which I think was a mis-price as everyone else has it for $30!) and next door there was a MovieStop, so I decided to check it out.

1st off- I love how they have 4 shelves of SciFi/Horror. I also love the fact that they put new and used copies in the same place (and arranged alphabetically)- so if I know what I am looking for I can decide on new or used (if available).

I spent about $50 (including tax) and picked up:
  1. Aeon Flux (Special Collectors Edition)
  2. UltraViolet (Unrated Extended Cut)
  3. Underworld (2 Disc Unrated Extended Cut)
  4. Underworld Evolution (Special Edition)
  5. Lord of the Rings : Return of the King (Limited Edition 2 Disc Set)
(one disappointment about the Limited Edition LotR disc: it indicates 'both theatrical and extended versions on one disk'- which is true- but the disc is double-sided and it must be flipped 1/2 through the movie. I was hoping to be able to watch the extended version without having to change/flip discs!)

$10/movie is a price point where it isn't really worth downloading the iso, burning it to disc, making a label and having to deal with incomparability in certain DVD players... Now there is a way that the MPAA could combat piracy- sell movies at a reasonable price and just accept a reasonable profit!

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  1. hmm... i don't think there's any disc of the extended versions that aren't either flipped or on 2 dvd's. the first few versions are on 2 discs because of the the massive DTS soundtracks.

    you could probably fit each of the 3 parts of the trilogy on a single dual layer disc with only one ratio video and a single dolby track.