BT Headphones

I received my Logitech Wireless Headphones for MP3 (Bluetooth); I picked them up refurbish off of eBay for about $42 (including shipping). It looks like they have been discontinued by Logitech in favor of their new FreePulse headphones...

The headphones are pretty comfortable and sound very good- which is a pleasant surprise as I heard that there is a lot of compression with Bluetooth. Range is about 20' inside the office- past that it starts 'skipping' a bit. The headphone charge is supposed to last up to 8 hours (!).

This adds two more things that I need to recharge to my gadget list- the headphones and the 3.5mm to Bluetooth adapter.

I was able to pair the headphones with my Treo 700p and get A2DP audio to work with the addition of Softik's Audio Gateway software. Note: I had to download the older 1.03 version as 1.06 does not work correctly with the Treo 700p.

I now need to load some music (hopefully via a sync from Windows Media Player 11) on my 4GB SD card (and upgrade the basic version of PocketTunes on the phone) and I may be able to replace my iPod for the gym! (I also need to fugue out a way to download and install the most recent PodCasts...)

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